Summary and Suggestion

A. Purpose of practicum

Here are some purposes of practicum:

1.Get a lot of experiences

By joining this program I get a lot of experiences going abroad, since this is my first time go abroad. Also I get a lot of experiences in teaching. Seeing my mentor and other teacher teach the students make me get some inspiration. That was different between Indonesia and Philippines.

2. Know the other culture

This program makes us know the other cultures and respect others. There are a lot of different things in Manila, Philippines and Indonesia especially in Yogyakarta.

3. Improve English skill

It cannot be denied that joining this program can improve our English skill. We are supposed to speak English to the other because it is the other language can be understood in Manila, Philippines.

4. Build a connection

I get a lot of new friends from Philippines and also from the other Indonesian university students that practice in UST.

After back to Indonesia I will share all of my experiences to everyone that I know. I will tell how important this program for young generation. I hope that my junior can join this program.

B. Procedure of practicum

This program supposed to be finish in a month. In the first week we got orientation from receiving university and high school. Also, we did some observations in the classroom. After we know their habits and how they did teaching learning process, we should do assistantship. The third step we had to do independent teaching. It was conducted to improve our teaching skills. The last step or activities are grand teaching and evaluation.

C. Outcome of practicum

Outcomes of this program are we got a lot of experiences, knowledge, awareness, and other things. Now I know how to teach in an interesting way, how to manage the classroom, and also the time.

D. The challenge of practicum

There are some things challenge me, especially in teaching learning process such as: how to control the students, make them still focus on the material, make the class always life, makes them interesting to the material, and so on. The other challenge in this program is deal with the environment. That was very different Indonesia from Philippines. We can easily find halal food and masque in Indonesia but not in Philippines.

E. Overall impression

My first impression going abroad is wow, it is totally different. But, I enjoyed every minute in that country. I hope that I can go abroad again and again. I want to say thank you very much for UST that was treat us very well.

F. Suggestions for future improvement

My suggestion for this program is, make it bigger. For the sender university, I hope that the committee helps the students to fulfill the entire requirement. For the receiving university, I hope a better accommodation especially when we want to go to the important place. Also, for the buddy that should accompany us, I do not know where they were. It seems like useless because I only met my buddy at once. Almost at the end of this program I found my friend by myself. I hope that the buddy is someone who wants to help us in that country at least they want to replay our text.

Independent Teaching Week

After finishing my observation and also assistance ship, that was time to teach independently.

In independent teaching I had to prepare lesson plan and also power point presentation. The material that I should teach was Part of Sentence focused on Subject and Predicate. As usual I started teaching by praying together and checking of attendance to make sure who was absent. After pray and check attendance, I should check seating arrangements; it was done to make the class still in control and orderly. Also, I asked the students to cleanliness of the classroom. That was first teaching and I would focus on the complete subject and simple subject. To let the class recall the material of grammar, I asked them some questions related to the important of grammar. After they answered that question, I showed to them a video from TEDed entitled “Does Grammar Matter”. Here I tried to relate their answer to the video why the grammar is important. Some of the students answered my questions and showed their idea but the other just silent. After discuss the important of grammar I tried to relate it to the material.

In the main activity of teaching we discussed part of sentence, complete subject and simple subject, and differentiate complete and simple subject. Before I explained the thing, I always asked them what the thing is. That strategy used to make them active in the classroom and made them always or still thinking in the teaching learning process. In this part they were very active; probably it was because they had already known in the previous grade. The main teaching activity was done smoothly. After doing the main teaching I asked them to do some exercises to measure whether they have been understood or not. Also I gave some feedback of my teaching in the end of the meeting. Because they had finished yet with the exercise, I asked them to do it as their homework.

Second teaching, almost the same as the first meeting: praying, checking attendance, checking of seating arrangement, orderliness, and cleanliness of the classroom. Using the power point presentation, I did the same thing as previous meeting. In this day we discussed about complete and simple predicate, differentiate complete and simple predicate, and also analyze an article that related to the material entitled “My Metric for Success? Happiness”. Also, the material had such kind of motivation in it. It was needed to increase their motivation of learning. I give some exercises to the students and asked them to submit it to my email address.

Usually before and after teaching I discuss my preparation and my performance with my mentor. She would give me comment and feedback such as what should I do in the next meeting, something that I cannot do in the classroom or what should I improve in teaching and others. My mentor said that I can manage the class well and my power point was easy to follow. I needed to improve how to make a good transition of teaching. My third teaching material is natural and inverted word order. Unfortunately I cannot teach at that time because the school was suspended. The weather at that time was not good. Therefor I gave the material to the students in my grand teaching. I only discussed it little.

Here I attach my lesson plan and power point presentation in independent teaching.

lesson plan independ SEATeacher



Teaching Assistant Week

In this week I got some assignment from my mentor such as:  finding the differentiate teaching English to foreign and second language, replacing her when she has a business, making power point material about poetry for teaching two classes.

In the first day assistant teaching my mentor ask me to find the different between teaching English for foreign and second language. Then I found some article that talking about that. After finding the article I had to make a summary of both the article and told it to my mentor. My second assignment was replacing my mentor when she had business. Here I had to handle two classes Crispin and Constantine, both of them are nine grades. Firstly, I came to Crispin class. We checked the assignment given by Ma’am Yoma together. I got difficulty when I came to number five and eight because the answer key for number five was incorrect and number eight was confusing. Fortunately before the end of the class another teacher came to my class and made clarification for number five and number eight. Not only checking the assignment given, but also the students were asked to make word mapping. They did very well and all of their works were really interesting. They had to all their work to me then I would give to my mentor. After finished with Crispin, I moved to Constantine. Different from the first, I really enjoyed in this class because I have already known the correct answer therefor I can explain it to the students. In this class most of the students were silent.

In the other day my mentor asked me to make a power point material about poetry. I got only for about three days to finish it. Every day before teaching this material I always consulted to her; what should I added or decreased. Actually I had to teach using this material in certain day but my mentor said to me that she would like to do team teaching that’s way I did not need to teach this material. That was okay for me at least I have already known the material and also preparing the material itself.

Here I attached my power point material that I already made.

Element of poetry

Observation Week

On the second week I did some observation in the two classes with the same teacher. The first class is Crispin and the second class is Constantine. Those two classes are different; I felt that Crispin class more active than Constantine but Constantine more friendly than. Not only about the characteristic of the class that different but also the way the teacher deliver the material also different.

Due to the K to 12 curriculum, the class that I have observed, they mostly uses Brain Based lesson plan strategy and learners center method. In this case, the students supposed to be active every time. Fortunately, they are very active especially in Crispin class.  I loved the way the teacher taught the students. The teacher used power point presentation but she did not make the students bored. Two hours watch teaching learning process in a class did not make me bored and I really enjoyed in its every minute. The teaching learning process flowed very smooth and easy to follow. The teacher makes the class very live.

Also, I observe class that the teachers did team teaching. That was really interesting for me since that was my first time saw team teaching. The teachers actually a married couple therefor they could make the class very real. At that time they taught literary work, two poets entitled “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” and “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd”.

In Crispin class all the students used mobile phone that has been provided by the school. Sometime before or after teaching learning process the teacher played kahoot. If the teacher played kahoot in the beginning for brain storming, she expect the students can follow her material and make them aware to the material. If the kahoot played in the end, the teacher wanted to measure the understanding of her students. Not only kahoot but also there was Google presentation used by the teacher. Sometime the students were asked to find the material or source from the internet.

High School Orientation (SEA Teacher)

High School Orientation and Teaching Plan

In this day I shall went to the UST High School, the place that will be conducted for teaching. Mr. Vincent was welcoming us at that time and we went to the certain room. In the same place we got our mentors and my mentor is Ma’am Karen Yoma. We were also welcomed by some students who danced and brought some white rose signify as a friendship. I god some roses from them. They were very cute and friendly. While waiting for our mentors with their material that would be shared to us, we followed one of teacher there who very excited to bring us going around the building. In this school each grade has ten classes.

After seeing some rooms and places in the UST High School, we met our mentor and discuss our planning for three week later. I god grade nine for conducting teaching learning process. Philippines use different curriculum and stage of classes. The curriculum used is K to 12 Philippines Basic Education. Here there are six grades for elementary, four grades for junior high school, and two grades for senior high school. Here use Brain Based Learning principle which is based on the structure and function of the human brain.

In the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum especially on Language Art and Multiliteracies has aim or outcome to produce graduates who apply the language conventions, principles, strategist and skill in (1) interacting with other, (2) understanding and learning other content areas, and (3) fending for whatever field of endeavor they may engage in.

Here is Lesson plan from JHS.

The sources of UST High School are the teacher, printed books and e-books in library, and also other authentic material. For the class room that I got they used uses Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment. They has a complete the lesson plan format, to make us clear with their lesson plane, here I attach a lesson plan from my mentor for grade nine UST Junior High School.


UST Orientation Day

Alright, this is my first day report and I will tell such wonderful activities here. Before come to the report I will introduce myself. Ako si Uun Bramastiwi. I am student of English Education Study Program, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training University of Mercu Buana Yogyakarta. I am conducting practice teaching in UST Junior High School. I am the part of SEA Teacher project that in case conducts from 9 August – 5 September 2018.

Ok here we go! After I have done with a long journey from Yogyakarta to Jakarta and Jakarta to Manila, I arrived in Manila around 8 PM, and around 9 PM arrived in Dormitory. I got enough rest at the dormitory till the morning come.  This day was Orientation of University of Santo Tomas. There were two section there would be conducted today. First were Welcoming Ceremony and Opening Rite: Pre – Service Training. Second was Campus Tour. In the Welcoming Ceremony and Opening Rite: Pre – Service there were two topics which were provided: Brain – based Learning Plan and Assessment and Evaluation.  Brain – based Learning Plan was deliver by Marishirl P. Tropicales and Assessment and Evaluation is delivered by Mr. Vincent V. Caparas, Ma.Ed. In this day also we got buddy for each to make this project easier and would help us in Philippines. It is because we do not know this country as well, they will help us.

Now we are going to the second section that is Campus Tour. There were some students from Social Studies and also our buddies who guided us in this campus tour. This tour began from Arch of the Centuries; this is the entrance of the university. In this building most students believed that students who past under the building they would not graduate soon. This building is very old. We also came to th main building of this university. It was created by Fr. Roque Ruano, O.P., served as dean of the Faculty of Enginering. There are some building we have been visited such as: Benavides Statue, Fountains, Quattromondial Monument, Quadricentennial Square, Grandstand and Parade Ground, UST Chapel (Santisimo Rosario Parish), Albertus Maqnus Building, High School building, UST Hospital and so on. It took a long time to finish the tour because the University is very large.

After finishing all activities in the campus we decided to find some halal food. I thought it was the hardest thing to find in this city. Some buddies were still accompanying us to find halal food and some things for our life then. 😀